Adam Thomas
Clan Ventrue
Sire Samantha
Played by

Mortal LifeEdit

Adam was born to two lawyers in Esthar. His parents were emotionally aloof yet financially doting. He attended public school, playing soccer on the varsity team when not in class. He attended a public university where he was a junior when embraced. He was majoring in sports medicine, hoping to go to medical school after taking a year off after graduation to sightsee. He played right forward for the university's varsity soccer team, hoping to be elected as the team captain for his senior year.


Adam was out with some friends to celebrate his best friend's engagement to his high school sweetheart.During the celebrations, he found himself staring at one of the women in the bar, Samantha. After sending her a drink, they exchanged casualties and phone numbers. They met a few times after that, until she brought him to what appeared to be her apartment. There before he knew what was happening, a sharp pain in his neck, moments of ecstasy and then the world was black.


Adam's destruction occurred at the hands of Samantha approximately 6 months after his embrace.

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