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The name of the next part of the story. Coming soon.

Player SpeculationEdit

The following are speculative thoughts submitted by players when asked "What do you think the Eyes of the Serpent will bring?" Player's names will remain anonymous in the interest of keeping this study honest and unbiased.

One player writes:

"Hyra. Shit."

Another player writes:

"Uhh--so there is a GIGANTIC RIFT in the middle of Esthar, and Jackson is trying to uhh ... pretend it never happened? Yeah right, that fucker is fucked. We are going to come back to a Lasombra pot pie for a prince and everyone's gonna be nom nom nom let's fuck up all the lasombra, we can't trust those fuckers. It's about to suck to be Marquis."
Another player responds:
"Doesn't it always suck to be Marquis tho?"

Another player writes:

"Yeah and I bet our NEW Prince isn't going to like that we have a fucking Sorceress in the group currently collecting Jade Rose petals."
Another player responds:
"No dawg, it'll be cool. We can just explain that you know, she does what she wants, and uhh, she hates everyone and everything except her dead emo boyfriend, who she could resurrect if she turned into a Sorceress. Oh also, she could rawk everyone's world with the powers in a way that would be very difficult to stop. They'll totally get it."

Another player:

"If the new Prince is Joshua Madison I am not held responsible for what Samantha my character does to that fucktard."

Yet another player:

"Marquis is totally a Settie. Like, BAM, PS GUYS I'M BETRAYING YOUR ASSES AGAIN. It totally makes sense, that's why he's always hated Damien, he was afraid he'd blow his cover. And just when we were starting to like him again too."

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