The Jade Roses, Obsidian Nights Wiki is a collaborative encyclopaedia for everything related to the JR Roleplay. There are 88 articles and growing! The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for our Roleplay.

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About Us

Hello and welcome to the Wiki page for our role-play Jade Roses, Obsidian Nights. We encourage everyone to take a look around and enjoy our site. This role-play is set in the world created by Squaresoft in Final Fantasy VIII. Our rules system is based off the World of Darkness made by White Wolf. The two worlds collide in a fantastic epic chronicle full of magic, betrayal, love and hope.

This is a strictly online game and it takes place on a message board located here. It is a role-playing intense situation that can be very striking. We have tried to crack open the FFVIII world and show you the underside that is thriving and pulsating with a sombre un-life. Vampires, Werewolves and even Mages habitat the cities using the mortals living there for their own means. The two sects of Vampires constantly at war, blood shed falling upon the innocent and guilty alike.

Jade Roses, Obsidian Nights is run by two storytellers Alonia and Sharpedge. Full of twists and turns we Storytellers do our best to keep the player characters on their toes. It is our goal to bring a great story to life that can be enjoyed by the players and anyone who chooses to read it. We strive to challenge our player's role-play playing abilities to their fullest and give them an experience they will never forget.

Due to the current depth of the storyline we are not accepting any new players, but in time we will be asking for any of those who want to join to please send us an email about you. We would love to have any that we think would fit in well with our style of role-play.

This page is meant to be a resource for all who are interested in our Role-play. We want to make it the best we can so please email us any suggestions or questions.

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"Or there's the old chestnut of get the hell out of this room, before I eviscerate each and every one of you, and then make dearest fluff-for-brains here watch as I torture you all to your painful final deaths."
Marquis Kohnz
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Derrick Sheffield is the Whip of Clan Bruajh in Esthar. He often has a cold and aloof exterior. When in battle he is known for his quick thinking and his passion to protect others. He has helped the PCs on a few occasions namely agaisnt some Anarchs hidden in the woods around Esthar.

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