So... There's a pond.. and its Marquis'

Jacks... how did this whole thing start?

It began with a closet. Were you bad, which everyone is at some point, you were locked in the closet. Well that wasn't enough for powermad Sharp. So then he had a cupboard. But then FH blew up the cupboard. So there was a cupboard mark 2. But eventually that lost its lust as well. So then he manifested himself into his persona Marquis. And Marquis wanted a pond where he could assumably do shadow magic.

So then the pond. Which is a frightening place to drown. At some point it was established that the pond was really rather shallow, but then Marquis had a RAGE moment and uhh--it got deeper? Or we drown anyway? Late Night Logic intervened.

It's manifestation in JR was possibly in Obsidian Night in Hollow Puppets of a Hollow Age. That's uhh-- a waterfall or a pond or something similar.

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